SAIZEN 24iu 8 mg
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SAIZEN stimulate bone, cell, and organ growth. Clinical investigations have revealed that it reduces body fat while increasing bone growth and muscular mass.

The preservative benzyl alcohol is present in the Bacteriostatic water that comes with SAIZEN and should not be used in infants or people who have a known sensitivity to benzyl alcohol. SAIZEN may be reconstituted with Sterile Water for Injection, USP for these individuals.

It must be used immediately after being reconstituted in this manner, and any unused amount must be thrown. Growth hormone can cause insulin resistance and should be administered with caution in patients with diabetes or a family history of diabetes. Inform your doctor if the patient has a family history of diabetes. Patients with active malignant or benign tumors should not be given SAIZEN. Patients having a history of cancer should be properly watched.

In clinical studie in which SAIZEN was given to children with Growth Hormone deficiency, the following reactions were seen infrequently: pain, numbness, redness, or swelling at the delivery site, hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures or convulsions, water retention, and worsening of pre-therapy psoriasis symptoms.

Any patient who has a Growth Hormone deficiency and does not respond to therapy should be tested for thyroid problems or antibodies to Human Growth Hormone. Either of these conditions can reduce the effectiveness of SAIZEN.

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