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Weight loss with Liothyronine Cytomel T3

T3 is used as a weight-loss drug by many girls and women, as well as bodybuilders. Liothyronine contains potent fat-burning properties, raises calorie consumption dramatically, and speeds up metabolism.
Old concerns about T3's ability to irreversibly inhibit the production of its own thyroid hormones have been dispelled, as it was demonstrated that even using large doses of Liothyronine for a month reduced thyroid hormone production by only 20%, and that after 4 weeks, the hormonal background returned to full norm from the initial level at the start of the course.


T3 Administration and Cycle How Should Liothyronine Be Used?

The drug's suggested daily dose is 50mcg, which should be divided into two doses and taken before a meal. You should also take 25mg of a beta-blocker in the morning to avoid any potential negative effects. If you detect anxiousness in the afternoon or if your heart rate in a calm condition exceeds 75 beats per minute, take another 25mg of a beta-blocker medication.


Gradually increase the dose of the drug to 75 – 100mcg per day, which we divide into 3 doses and make sure that the last dose of Cytomel T3 is not later than 6 pm. The dosage of a beta-blocker can be increased to 100mg per day for 2 doses, but everything is purely individual, you should be guided by internal sensations and heart rate. If your heart rate does not exceed 60 – 70 beats per minute, the dose of metoprolol may not be increased to the maximum doses.

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