Ultima-FTTP 2 mg
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Ultima-FTTP 2mg, a peptidomimetic with sequence CKGGRAKDC-GG-D(KLAKLAK)2, is an experimental proapoptotic drug that has been shown to cause rapid weight loss in mice and rhesus monkeys. Its mechanism of action is to target specific blood vessels supplying adipose tissue with blood, cause the vessels to shrink and the fat cells fed by those vessels to undergo apoptosis. Ultima-FTTP 2mg is designed to bind to two receptors, ANXA2 and prohibitin, that are specific to blood vessels supplying white adipose tissue.

An experimental weight loss therapy called adipotide also known as Ultima-FTTP 2mg, destroys the fat cells by aiming for their blood supply.

The main purpose of Ultima-FTTP 2mg resides in its effectiveness in stimulating rapid weight loss and obesity, through the targeting of body fat. Testing of adipotide on mice and monkeys has yielded positive results in its efficiency with regards to the intended outcome to facilitate the treatment of rapid weight loss and improved insulin resistance.

Adipotide’s functional design profile is for the active targeting of specific blood vessels which are responsible for delivering blood to adipose tissue (body fat). Your blood vessels shrink, as a result, a process which induces apoptosis among the fat cells – i.e. the body feeds on the fat cells as its most immediate source of oxygen which would have otherwise been more abundant in the blood as well as the resultant energy which would have been synthesized from other sources.

Ultima-FTTP 2mg peptides, research suggests aids the process of weight loss via a fast-acting fat-reduction action process which can reduce your weight within a matter of a few months. The process particularly targets abdominal fat for mass reduction.

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