Dianabolos 10mg

Dianabolos 10mg
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  • ACTIVE HALF-LIFE:        5-6 hours
  • Classification:        Anabolic steroid

  • Dosage:        Men 150-350 mg/week

  • ACNE:        Yes

  • WATER RETENTION:        High

  • HBR:        Yes

  • HEPATOXITY:        Yes

  • AROMATIZATION:        High

  • Active Substance:        METHANDIENONE

  • Concentration:        60 pills x 10mg

  • Manufacturer:        Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Dianabolos 100 tablets
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

Dianabolos (Dianabol) - is a oral hormonal drug that has a strong effect on the protein metabolism of the athlete. It increases the production of protein by increasing protein synthesis. All this leads to a positive nitrogen balance. cortisol production is reduced by 50 - 70%, due to this reduced breakdown of protein in muscle. Improves Buy Dianabolos (Dianabol) mood lifter, increased appetite, self-esteem, by achieving results in an increase in muscle mass and strength, and corresponds, as a rule, and improve the appearance of the athlete. Chemical formula Dianabolosa (Dianabol) similar to methyltestosterone. Dianabolos (Dianabol) has a strong anabolic and moderate androgenic activity in comparison with testosterone. With Dianabolosom (Dianabolosom) an athlete (especially beginners) rapidly increases muscle mass and strength. Athlete add 1-2 kg. a week for eight weeks, of course, with good nutrition, exercise and rest. Gain weight rather varies greatly depending on the number dialed fat and water. Because, depending on the power supply, as well as the athlete's predisposition to water retention in the body or the use of anti-estrogens can be dialed as an absolutely lean muscle mass, and muscle mass in the style of "behemoth". Dianabolos (Dianabolos) certainly quite strongly flavored, and why many consider him a bad drug to reduce the amount of fat, preparations for competitions, etc., but it all depends on the skills of the athlete. An experienced athlete knows that to be "dry" level for a beach this drug will suit perfectly, especially in combination with Proviron. Once again, a lot depends on the food, not on Dianabolos (Dianabol). This steroid can help you increase the mass appearance in the style of "pig", and vice versa to reduce the amount of fat while maintaining muscle mass and look very vividly, it all depends on the diet, and the accumulation of fluid, which is freely controlled by the antiestrogens.
Dosages Dianabolos (Dianabol) quite strongly fluctuate depending on the type of sport, goals, experience, and the adequacy of the athletes. The highest dosage in sports such as bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting. Swing dosages Dianabolos (Dianabol) of 20 mg. per day to 200 mg. in a day. Last dosage this is from lack of the brain of an athlete. Between increasing dosages of methandrostenolone and increase muscle mass and strength is not proportionately.


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