ANASTROVER (Anastrozole)

ANASTROVER (Anastrozole)
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ANASTROVER (Anastrozole)
Packing: 100 tabs.
Concentration of active ingredient: 1 mg/tab.
Manufacturer: Vermodje SRL (Moldova).

Anastrozole by Vermodje SRL is an anti-estrogen available in oral form, which contains 1mg of the substance Anastrozole per tablet.

Aromatase inhibitors or blockers - a class of drugs which are used to reduce the concentration of estrogen in the blood and increase of testosterone and gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Aromatase blockers are also used to treat and prevent gynecomastia in men.

In bodybuilding, aromatase inhibitors are used most frequently during the course of anabolic steroids for:
prevention of gynecomastia
increase the anabolic hormones in the blood
increase the bump (by eliminating the negative impact of estrogen)
prevent hypertension
reduce estrogen suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes, leading to a more rapid recovery.
In the construction of the course, it should be noted that not all anabolic steroids are subject to aromatization. Application justified when administered drugs such as testosterone and its derivatives, methandrostenolone, methyltestosterone. Slightly flavored Boldenone, Halotestin.


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